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We love helping new companies or advising you on how best to structure your business, be it a Partnership, Sole Trader, Limited liability partnership, Limited company, Public limited company or charity.

Please accept our invitation of a free no obligation chat over a cup of coffee.

Here are a selection of some frequently asked questions or just decisions that have to be made:

  1. How do I trade?
  2. Limited company or self-employed
  3. Do I have to register for VAT?
  4. Do I have to register for PAYE (Pay As You Earn)?
  5. How much tax do I have to pay?
  6. When do I have to pay tax?

We can assist you in preparing a comprehensive business plan if finance is required, as well as Profit and Loss and Cashflow projections.

We can help you identify your strengths and Opportunities so that you can take full advantage of them and Weaknesses and Threats, so that you can be aware of them and take appropriate action to overcome them.

The more groundwork and planning you do from the outset, the greater chance of success!


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